About RISE and DREAM Foundation

RISE makes an impact by Investing, Strengthening and Restoring the children and families that need it most.

INVEST – We invest in the families essential needs right now. Without handling what the family needs today, we will not be successful teaching them how to sustain life tomorrow.   When some is hungry, we fill their need, allow them to breathe and then we can begin the next step.

STRENGTHEN – Once we’ve supplied their essential needs, we seek to

strengthen them internally through Sports & Fitness.  RISE Athletics has youth and adult sports leagues, after school programs, camps, and training sessions designed to get the whole family in motion and keep them in motion.  We are able to include every member of the family whether they play, coach, team parent, volunteer, etc.  We encourage them to work as a family on something productive.

RESTORE – Once we’ve invested in their essential needs and we’ve help strengthen them, then we begin to restore them by teaching them.  Giving them  skills to advance them personally in the workplace, money management for their family, or tutoring/gifted lessons for the children is essential to getting the family to a place they can maintain themselves.  Staying in the same place, with the same mind set will only prove to reap the same results.  We seek families with a desire to change their lives and advance their current situation and to give their children a more solid foundation to step out into life on.

Kristin Hodge, Founder & CEO
Making an Impact by Investing, Strengthening, and Restoring the lives of families and children in our neighborhoods.